coming in over budget


One of 3 pillars Mayor Dawe’s re-election campaign advanced was Stability. From his website we read:

As we move into the next 4 years, if elected, I will continue ensure sound fiscal management of our tax dollars by:

Advocating strategic planning to reduce property tax pressures

So exactly what strategies is Mayor Dawe advocating as the town faces a $185,000 deficit? Well in this recent Banner article we read:

Mayor Geoff Dawe pointed out a surplus of $815,700 from the town’s utility operations and the revenue brought in by parking tickets that could be used to bring the budget shortcoming to zero.

Um, okay what does the town’s C.F.O think about the mayor’s proposed shuffling of the numbers:

“Taking funding from one to the other in the accounting books is easy to do. Is it illegal? No. Is it against fundamental principles? I believe it is. With the province pushing for full cost recovery for utilities, municipalities are working very hard to keep rate funded assets and reserves separate from those that are tax funded.”


So Mayor Dawe’s idea of sound fiscal management has been called out as being directly counter to the town’s and the province’s fundamental principles.

This doesn’t really come as any surprise given his rather indifferent stance  3 years back on the financially insolvent Hillary-Muck-in-Tired park fiasco where he is quoted as saying:  “If you throw enough money at anything, it’s going to work.”

It’s getting close to budget time everyone, so everyone get their money ready to throw at our Mayor’s sound fiscal management.  It’s going to work!



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