One (Quarter) in the Chamber


I retrieved the Aurora Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 Buyers’ Guide from the gutter this morning. It was delivered there separate from any other materials. In the past it has been delivered with the Era Banner.

The introduction on page 2 states that the Chamber represents over 600 members, yet the guide only lists 521. I’m not counting the 9 “Honourary Members” as I have no idea why they are listed.

179 of those 521 listed (or 34 percent) are businesses operating outside of Aurora. This means this guide represents a total of 344 Aurora-based businesses.

On page 5, the advertising the town of Aurora purchased boasts 1500 businesses.

Let’s do the math.

344 of 1500 businesses represents 23%.

That means the Aurora Chamber represents less than 1/4 of Aurora’s businesses.

There’s a big WTF? for you.

Let’s compare this to Newmarket. Their Chamber’s 2016 guide has 728 businesses listed. 519 are from Newmarket, 209 (or 28%) are outside.

The Town of Newmarket boasts 2400 businesses. 519 of 2400 represents 21%

That means the Newmarket Chamber represents less than 1/4 of Newmarket’s businesses.

Together the Aurora and Newmarket Chamber represent a mere 863 of 3900 businesses.

That’s shitty representation at best.

If we’re supposed to shop, dine, and play local these guides are not a reflection of how to go about that.

I’m not sure how Chambers of Commerce, whose sole purpose are to speak on behalf of local business, reconcile the fact that 78% of Aurora and Newmarket businesses are being ignored.


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