Silence is Golden


Jamie Lill’s Nov 4th letter to the Banner is a fitting response to Aurora Mayor La De Dawe’s motion concerning the banning of train whistles

If Dawe seriously wanted to get a handle on costs for implementing all those crossing controls he could have spared staff time by simply looked at Markham, whose price tag is now a blaring $6.2 Million

And you’re probably thinking, MetroLinx must pay a chunk of that right?


As pointed out in the article Metrolinx was set to pay almost $2 Million, but that somehow got reduced to under $100,000.

The costs are now passed on to York Region : $3.8 million, up from $2.2 million and the City of Markham : $2.3 million, up from $1.26 million.

That’s a considerable cost to absorb just to silence train whistles.  So knowing the numbers exactly what dollar figure would Dawe and council members entertain for doing this in Aurora?

Would council seriously consider flushing $1 Million, and say another $2 Million to be passed up to the Region to silence a handful of disgruntled residents?

For that kind of cash the town could purchase and install an 18k golden toilet at the Aurora GO station.

Neither of these outcomes are likely, which reduces Dawe’s motion to nothing more than  train-whistle politics. Wasting the town’s time and money so he doesn’t have to do what is expected of a leader in this situation : tell a bunch of whiners to sit down and shut up.


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