Dick Move


King Henry’s Pub shut down 3 years ago then like the Zombie King it returned, this time under a much funnier name.

Well, the laughter is over, and so is the Dick.

Without any notice the pub’s reanimation has come to an end. Their website is gone, Google shows them as permanently closed:


and they have this sign on their door:

2016-12-18 08.32.12.png

At first it appeared not much changed aside from the furniture and the prices, but then both the food and service fell apart.

After reviews like this on tripadvisor it’s no surprise the crowds disperesed:



This restaurant closure seems remarkably similar to that of Johnathan’s in the south end of town which closed shortly after new owners took over from the original owner who bailed only to resurface at Aw Shucks.

As per usual politicians will turn a blind eye to this development.  One more For Lease sign going up won’t look out of place along the town’s Yonge street stretch

For a council that claims to support a strategic plan where Aurora is “an innovative and sustainable community where neighbors care and businesses thrive” this one, not unlike the one previous, have demonstrated a complete absence of both tactics and leadership to execute it.



Watts on your mind?

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