Auto pilot crash


Coming in at $200,000 Mayor Dawe’s street parking pilot crashed and burned with the approval of the town’s 2017 budget.

As an early Christmas present to residents the Mayor’s ill-conceived pilot (without input from the Region) was not approved, and likely never will be:


Mayor La De Dawe has developed a pattern for not getting things done.  Nonsensical motions come out of nowhere and few of them ever materialize.  Rewind to the beginning of this year and he was boasting about the street parking pilot being a sure thing.

There’s no shortage of good reasons for why a pilot was unsuitable when you look at best practices.  Vancouver, San Marcos, San Fransisco all approach parklets/bump-outs/chickanes or whatever you want to call them, by addressing location criteria, site plan, and existing conditions.

All of that was going to be thrown aside to rush forward a pilot.

And for what, because someone believes the downtown core needs patios?

Um, is the Mayor oblivious to the fact that a sizeable patio that was operating along this corridor:


has been replaced by a parking lot for a Pharmacy/Methadone clinic?


Yes, that’s right.  While the mayor is dreaming up notions of removing parking from the downtown core to put in patios, patios are actually being replaced with parking.

The entire exercise of conducting a traffic and parking study, as outlined in the Promenade Streetscape Implementation Plan has been delayed thanks to the Mayor’s colossal failure of a motion.   A real motion needs to be tabled to address this item:


The streetscape is changing, in and around shuttered storefronts due to the leadership vacuum Dawe has provided.  One cannot claim to provide an exceptional quality of life for our Historic downtown core by sitting back and hitting the auto-pilot switch.


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