This establishment “passed” the inspection


Public Health inspectors charged Aurora eatery Aw Shucks last Tuesday.

You will likely see a green poster in their door welcoming you in. However if you were to visit YorkSafe website you’ll notice that over the past 1.5 years they have been charged with 7 incidents of non-compliance:


Back in 2014 there were similar failings and you can view 9 offenses racked up from 2012 through 2014

If you do the math that’s at least 15 offenses in under 5 years.

Patrons aren’t going to do the math because the Region believes the public is “best served” with only 2 years of records.  Everything else is expunged.

But that’s inconsequential anyway as patrons aren’t going to go to the YorkScene website they are looking at the color of the poster that is hanging in the door.

In York Region that poster is green or red, there is no yellow caution notice to reflect the outcomes of charges leveled.  Green means go

Green means go and behaviors of operators are unlikely to change until the Region adopts notices that reflect inspections instead of serving as passes served in air-quotes.



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