step it up?


Operating from a baseless premise that many Aurorans aren’t sufficiently active Activate Aurora offers redundant programs with a goal to somehow make the town the “most active” in all of Canada.

The only metric Activate Aurora seems to be focused on is counting steps registered by Aurorans, with a goal to reach the number of steps between Earth and Mars. This is a weird goal given that the distance from Earth to Mars isn’t a static one and varies between 35 – 60 million km.

In this Banner piece we read that Mayor Dawe set a challenge to every other municipality in York Region and other Canadian communities to “step it up” while telling residents every extra step taken brings the town closer to its collective goal.

It appears that consciously, or not this challenge has been accepted with the announcement the annual run for Southlake has moved from Aurora to Newmarket.

So if we’re going to count every step let’s start with the ones taken during this event.

In 2015 over 1900 participated in 10k, 5K and 2.5k routes.

For these purposes let’s just say that everyone traveled 2.5 km.

1,900 people x 2.5 km = 4,700km

1 km = 1,320 steps

That means the 2015 run for Southlake represents a minimum of 6,270,000 steps.

To date Activate Aurora is claiming that the entire town has logged half of that:


So as for the goal of walking to Mars Activate Aurora is either 4% or 8% the way there.  They will likely log 100% of that goal by their 2020 end date.

Big fucking whoop.

The goal of walking to Mars does not automatically equal being the most active community in all of Canada.

Not measuring the actual activity level of other communities is a sure fire way to boast that your community is the most active just because it walked a certain distance.

Does losing the Run or Walk for Southlake to Newmarket mean a net loss of steps for the town of Aurora and a net gain for the town of Newmarket.  No, because obviously the run has participants from both of these communities and many others.

What it does serve to illustrate is that given the numerous charity marathons held in major urban centers over a calendar year it is obvious that a single event in any one of these cities greatly outpaces the efforts of a town with a population of under 60,000 regardless of what a few hyper-active blowhards want to claim.


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