the bitter sweet taste of hypocricy


Possibly during a sugar low last Wednesday Mayor La De Dawe retweeted this:


You mean like hindering kids natural ability to choose their own food and drinks at a public venue?

How exactly does Mayor Dawe expect kids to develop and learn about making healthy choices when he is in support of Activate Aurora ‘s self-righteous ban on what kids can or can’t buy at town buildings?

Like real literacy, physical literacy is obtained by learning through trial and error, something that can only be achieved through making a series of choices.

The nanny state approach of bubble wrapping vending machines isn’t hindering kids ability to choose, it eradicates it.

Treating children as though they are incapable of making the right choices greatly hinders their natural ability to develop and learn how to do just that.

If the Mayor is genuinely concerned that there are too many rules about what kids can and can’t do, he can address the issue by dropping his support one the ill-conceived one that was finger wagged in front of council last year.


Watts on your mind?

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