rubbing salt in the wound


End of January the Error Banner announced that Mayor Dawe was re-elected LSRCA chair.

That’s right the chair of LSRCA is the Mayor whose town voted in October 2015 to use road salt in place of sand

What better way to champion this hypocrisy shortly after being re-elected you may ask, well how about doubling down it by approving a purchase order increase for road salt:


We see harder winter conditions as an explanation for increased demand fo salt/sand in this 2015 Snow Removal Service report:


I wonder how the 2016/2017 purchases will stack up, and how they will be explained.

Back to the October 2015 Banner piece which tells us the following:


The town will use 56 per cent more salt due to the changes.

Leaving aside the fact that this flies in the face of the town’s own salt management plan the article tells is that although salt is 86 per cent more expensive than sand by removing the sand there were expected savings of $130,000.

And how well did that work out to providing an exceptional quality of life exactly?

By my calculations the town is now buying more road salt and not saving any money.

In previous posts here and here I’ve addressed the backward direction the town has taken to road salt, which is indeed a designated toxic substance

This January 2011 piece does a good job of summing up the Chemistry of road salt and how it differentiates from that of table salt.

There are several green alternatives to road salt on the market and arriving on the market as touched on in this January piece from Global News including beet juice, cheese and pickle brines and kitchen waste.

So if the town isn’t saving $ then why is it spending it on road salt and not these alternatives?



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