Putting others first


Recently Chris Ballard doled out awards recognize the strength, leadership and positive example select women in Newmarket/Aurora

It’s no surprise that former 1 term mayor Phyllis Morris made the list given their close political relationship, but it is the way the accomplishment is framed that sticks out, not unlike Ballard in the glaringly obvious photo-op where he has to be front and center.

Morris is recognized as “the first woman to be elected as Aurora’s mayor………. for a four-year term.”


That’s the best he could come up with?

It’s not that Morris term as Mayor shouldn’t be recognized for some real firsts.

How about 1st female councilor resigns due to the absence of leadership under her term.

Or the 1st SLAPP lawsuit initiated by the Town of Aurora against residents.

Morris is distinguished as the 1st Aurora politician to be featured in A Companion to New Media Dynamics (page 290) for attempting to circumvent citizen’s freedom of expression and their right to privacy

Luckily The Auroran was more objective in its reporting of the event correctly pointing out that Morris served as “Aurora’s second elected female mayor”, following Evelyn Buck.

John Lott’s piece from the February 7th, 1973 edition of the Banner highlights Aurora’s real first female mayor, and even delves into its significance:

She is Aurora’s first Woman mayor, a fact she finds not particularly signficant. While serving on town council and the former York County Council, “I’ve Always felt perfectly accepted…there was no feeling that they (her colleagues) felt any different towards me because I was a woman.”

“I’ve always felt that a person has to make it as an individual,” she said “I think possibly a woman has to work harder to make a good impression, but men have to struggle too.

“People have judged and treated me very fairly. I think I probably feel the same about this job as a man would.”

To know that Chris Ballard is content in rewriting history must send Peter Henderson, his high school history teacher spinning in his grave.

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