Shine on you crazy diamond


Aurora King baseball delegated to Town of Aurora council this week.

They are short 2 baseball diamonds, which of course Aurora needs to build immediately for their needs.

A ballpark figure is $150,000 to build a diamond, not including the cost of land and ongoing operational costs.

The town of Aurora currently maintains 18 ball diamonds, priority of these is outlined on page 5 of the Town’s Sports Field and Park Use policy.  Section 1.3 states that priority be given to youth organizations provided membership is comprised of 80% Aurora residents or Ratepayers.

That wasn’t the case in 2016, and it isn’t today.  When asked for the breakdown of users by munipality the numbers given were: Aurora 75% and King 25%.

More curious is that when the delegate was asked to provide a breakdown of the number of diamonds that Aurora King baseball uses by each municipality they were unable to do so.


Its on their website.

The organization currently uses 10 diamonds in Aurora and 3 in King.

The question that is begging to be asked is if this organization is making similar requests to King township to step up to bat for these diamonds, or is it just Aurora?

They did mention the fact that they were using a diamond up in Newmarket, which is interesting.  Newmarket baseball lists 10 out of town diamonds on their site, including 3 in King (King city memorial park, Nobelton Diamonds, Pottageville) as well as the Aurora leisure complex diamonds.

With 18 ball diamonds in operation, Aurora is hitting it out of the park in leisure facilities for this particular sport.

If/WhenAurora can sustain its own Baseball association without being propped up with 25% from King, then a wholesome discussion can take place in how best to service that need.

Otherwise it’s foul ball.

Watts on your mind?

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