Anyone for lemonade?

2016-05-15 07.43.52.jpg

Calling the LED signboard at Yonge & Aurora Heights a lemon is an insult to lemons, but it didn’t stop Clr. Thompson who raised the question as to the constant issues with that piece of equipment at the February 28th council meeting.

You can catch the discussion at 3:40:50

We hear from staff that there are “challenges” and that staff is working on and trying to investigate a “technology issue”.


Over a month has passed, and from this picture taken today obviously this challenge is far too great a one for the town to rise to:


It’s not as though there hasn’t been sufficient time to work on or investigate, almost a year has passed since I wrote my last post on the same issue.

The sign was a capital upgrade committed in 2015 reflecting a cost around $15,000.

How many glasses of lemonade could the town have bought from local kids lemonade stands for that?



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