Would the real voice of Aurora please stand up, please stand up!


While the cobwebs continue to grow in the empty room that CHRA 101.5 is squatting in over at the Aurora Family Leisure Complex a real voice has broken the radio silence that we were led to believe blanketed Aurora.

At the February 28th meeting of council Pickering College radio 102.7 presented to the town you can tune in @ 22:30

The presenters were complimented on their amazing radio voices which they used to express the desire for CHOP FM to be the “voice of aurora”.  Unlike CHRA this is something they can actually claim as they are broadcasting in Aurora and have been since 2007!

CHOP FM broadcasts 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, not the measly 7 am to midnight schedule proposed by CHRA.  Their history is also impressive, leveraging the Ted Rogers legacy for a focus on education and youth.  Check out their impressive video here:

102.7 CHOP FM features remote broadcasting capabilities, Emergency Broadcasting and is available through the TuneIn app for smartphones.  In fact if you were to go back and revisit Mayor Dawe’s January 2015 motion to investigate the feasibility for a community radio station 102.7 fulfills all the clauses.

Why was 102.7 not considered or even referenced when this motion was drafted?

At the end of the February 28th council meeting when asked was happening with 101.5 FM the Mayor sheepishly answered that they were still awaiting funding.

With 102.7 being such an amazing local radio station committed to and programmed by youth in operation for over 10 years, It’s little surprise that 101.5 has been unable to raise funds in a timely fashion.

Advancing a schedule full of elevator music and episodes of gunsmoke is not attractive for advertisers or sponsorships in 2017.  Something their board of directors might have been able to recognize if there was more representation from the under 60 crowd.  It’s hard to differentiate their photo in the paper from a cheesy 1950s record cover:


Whereas the community group 101.5 FM has failed to materialize in a timely fashion and 102.7 FM is an established station that has expressed interest in fulfilling the need identified in Mayor Dawe’s motion.

Now therefore be it hereby resolved that staff be directed to release the unused space at the Family Leisure Complex so that it can be put to better and immediate use providing an exceptional quality of life to the town of Aurora.



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