I love it when a plan comes together


Significant resources were exhausted to develop and approve the Town of Aurora’s strategic plan in 2012

A plan the Former CAO emphasized would not sit on a shelf but be a living document.

To track implementation, a report card was issued back in April of 2014 and on page 2 it reads:

The Strategic Plan includes Outcomes/Measures of Success for each action item identified within the Plan. This measurement framework provides the context to ensure that the Town makes the needed progress within the three Pillars of the Plan to bring the Town closer to its 2031 vision.
Through annual reports and regular updates, we aim to keep stakeholders, internal and external, informed of our progress. This report summarizes the 2013 achievements, including the supporting data and analysis associated with each of the plan’s strategic actions.
This report also provides an update on the effectiveness and efficiency of the Town’s operations through the review of Key Performance Indicators.

On page 12 an Action is listed that reads: Implement and regularly update the town’s Corporate Environmental Action Plan.


The Measure of Success is that a review and update to the Corporate Environment Action Plan (CEAP) is completed at least every five years.

The status is listed as complete.

There’s one small problem.

The current CEAP was drafted in 2010.

Page 3 of the plan states:

The Corporate Environmental Action Plan (CEAP) is a five-year action plan

5 years brings a review to August 2015.  It’s now April 2017 meaning the town is now 16 months beyond that timeframe.

Page 4 of the plan states:

As the Town moves forward with the implementation of this Plan, we will need to continue to build and enhance internal and external partnerships and synergies and commit to continually updating and monitoring this Plan.

An update to the CEAP expected in 2016 was never delivered.


Dig a little deeper and one also finds that the Town’s current Corporate Energy Management Plan (CEMP) drafted in 2014 is the current plan.

page 17 of this plan states:

the Corporate Energy Management Plan should be reviewed at least once a year, with staff tracking the activities that have been implemented within the calendar year and track quantitative progress towards identified key performance indicators.

When I was unable to locate these reviews I asked for them to be provided.  I was informed they were not done.

Page 18 of the plan reads:

The Town of Aurora can take advantage of these opportunities by implementing the organizational and technological actions of the Corporate Energy Management Plan, including:

Developing organizational policies and processes for implementing the CEMP, tracking progress, and updating the CEMP.

Spoiler alert : there is no update to CEMP.

WTF #2.

Discovering these is like finding your kid’s hidden report card.

By only measuring its success and ignoring its failures the town is not operating from a place where it can keep its stakeholders informed.

Reneging on promises is no way to provide an exceptional quality of life for all.


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