pick of the litter


Participating in the annual clean up day this past Saturday left me wondering why the Town of Aurora would turn such an opportunity for waste diversion into one of waste relocation.

Upon signing up for a route I was handed a single plastic garbage bag.


If you’re going to all the trouble to organize and have volunteers pick up litter why would they not be streaming the materials as they are collected?

It is such a no-brainer that it was recommended by the town’s own Environmental Advisory Committee last year:


But no.

The majority of what I collected was recyclable materials and they all ended up in the same blue clear GLAD branded garbage bag.

This begs the question as to why the need for clear garbage bags?  Does anyone believe the town going was going to subject the contents of this collection to an inspection before they go to landfill, like what they were proposing for residential collection?

Of course not.

The only reason clear bags were used is because of some deal the town has with GLAD.

A quick glance and none of Whitchurch-Stouffville  , Newmarket or King use GLAD products for their clean up days:



Natural Environment is one of the 3 pillars of the Town of Aurora’s Strategic plan.  Page 17 outlines a goal of supporting environmental stewardship and sustainability.  under Objective 1: Encouraging the stewardship of Aurora’s natural resources, it reads:

Continue to create and promote waste diversion education programs in partnership with York Region

The opportunity was there, but instead of getting things done I guess the town is satisfied in just going through the motions.


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