The halls are alive with the sound of stupid


What better way then to celebrate Canada’s 150 in Aurora then to sing along to a 52 year old American musical.  One the film’s only Canadian star, Christopher Plummer aptly nicknamed “The Sound of Mucus.”

And because it will be held at a venue that is not built to accommodate such activity you can be sure the Netflix feed will be projected on a cheesy pop-up projection screen with seating consisting of uncomfortable stacking chairs.

The best part is that even though this cultural kumbaya is sponsored by Scotiabank tickets are a whopping $30+tax at the door. $25+tax if you purchase in advance.


The event has a sponsor and the Town of Aurora already subsidizes the “Cultural” Centre at a cost approaching $500,000 a year, yet the “Cultural” Centre is charging more than Mississauga where the exact same program was $25 adults with a price break for children at $15.  This in a venue that is one of the largest theaters in the GTA

When the TIFF lighbox holds the same event (in a more appropriate date closer to Christmas) their tickets are $22.75, with seniors/students rated at $18.25, and children $16.

I fail to see how jamming a theatrical experience available elsewhere in the GTA into a small room of an old building while needlessly marking up the ticket price constitutes “providing an exceptional quality of life for all”.

Like Christopher Plummer, actor Doug McClure was vehement about the film’s gooeyness stating: “Watching The Sound of Music is like being beaten to death by a Hallmark card.”

This certainly is the feeling one gets when reviewing the Cultural Centre’s yawnfest lineup of music programming that has recently included the likes of Fred Penner and Dan Hill.

It says something about the extremely narrow view the Cultural Centre has with respect to music when it takes organizations like the Aurora Legion to make the Town really come alive with the sound of music.


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