Roads? Where you’re going you don’t need roads!


The Toronto Star recently reported that Gridlock on GTA highways cost $500 million to $650 million per year in higher prices for goods nationally, according to the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

The increased costs affect retail, housing, and even food services and represent an average cost of $125 per household per year.

But the good news is “governments at all levels are focused on tackling the congestion challenge.”

All levels except one that is.

As I posted on previously York Region is $1.5 billion short to fund its forecasted 10-year roads construction budget, and has plans to delay 56 projects beyond 2031.

The region’s own director of transportation and infrastructure planning flat out said:

“We don’t want to build our road network for the peak two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening because we have to pay for those roads all year around.”

Translation: fuck gridlock, we won’t pay for that.

He then went on to say that the region also can’t hike property taxes above a reasonable level to pay for ongoing operating costs of roads.

Fast forward 2 months and that’s exactly what they are going to do. Rather than increasing regional taxes next year by the forecasted 2.77 per cent, taxes would go up 3.77 per cent.

We also read that it would borrow from a roads capital acceleration reserve fund and repay it from future development charges.


The region recognized that over the next 10 years it will collect $300 million less than it had anticipated in development charges.

If you’re going to pay for things from future development charges you need to actualy collect them, and that isn’t happening thanks to the braniacs that sit on Regional council including Aurora’s own Mayor La De Dawe.

Since 2000 hotel developments have generated approximately $17 million in Development Charges.

After Dawe bitched an moaned about DCs being the sole reason preventing a microtell from choosing Aurora the Region caved and reduced the rate from $40.31 per square foot to $7.95, representing a reduction of DCs by over $1.5 Million.

$1.5 Million was money the region could have used to advance any one of the following Aurora road projects on its shortlist:

Wellington Street – Yonge Street to rail grade separation.

St John’s Sideroad – Bathurst Street to Yonge Street.

Leslie Street – Vandorf Sideroad to Wellington Street

St. John’s Sideroad – Leslie Street to Hwy. 404.

An intersection at Hwy. 404 at St. John’s Sideroad

Instead, the money for those will come in part from increased taxes, and future DCs that it will kick down a road it hasn’t even built yet.



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