(cough) the record


Thanks to Clr. Kim we learn from the April 10th council meeting that there are no meeting minutes of the Joint Ops monitoring task force.

Kim goes one further to state, and rightly so that even when there are minutes, they are not reflective of the discussion that took place.  You can watch it here on the video between 12:00 – 14:50:

Clr. Gaertner chimes in, with both seemingly preoccupied with what details are to be included or excluded without risk of being editorialized.

Why even bother.

If there were only videos of the meetings the public could go back and watch for themselves.

But there aren’t.

And why is that exactly?

Some members of this council and the council previous believe that committee members may object to the live streaming.

Clr. Thompson’s position, all the way back in Spetember 2013 was that : “It wasn’t part of their terms of reference and they didn’t sign up for it and they might be uncomfortable. I would think the appropriate time to revisit this really is the beginning of next term when you can make this a condition of being a committee member.”

Great, so when Clr. Thompson found himself re-elected, why is it that he and other council members not get that done!

Back in September 2013 I provided links to several municipalities from Ottawa to London, to Hamilton, including RichmondHill that provide both live and archived video of their meetings

Yet here we are in Aurora, we are supposed to believe that relying on recorded minutes instead of videotape is a prefered record to support the goal of providing an exceptional quality of life for all.

With respect to the Joint Oops fiaso there may not be any meeting minutes but there is one video for the record, the town’s cheesy time lapse video.  The one Mayor Dawe was quoted as saying:

“Adapting the live-streaming technology we have successfully used for our committee meetings is a great way to engage residents and provide a convenient way to follow the construction progress.”

Yes, let’s spend time and resources filming the building being constructed instead of the process that was mismanaged to the point it required Regional auditors to waste even more of council and staff’s time to point out a multi-million dollar overspend.

Yup, not videotaping committee meetings wholeheartedly supports the town’s Accountability and Transparency Policy as required under the Munisipal act.

cough, cough

oh and please add into the minutes something, something about getting things done

Watts on your mind?

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