why did the sea turtle cross the road?


When these signs started popping up around town they naturally started turning some heads and the town couldn’t wait to get the message out on Facebook:


The post received several replies pointing out the mistake that was obvious to all except the Town’s Communications department which approved it:



Not being able to differentiate between Sea and land turtles is embarrassing indeed, but it’s not the town’s clip art package that is to fault here.

On Henderson, there are 2 permanent signs, both of which feature a land turtle:


On the back of each sign is marked the date it was erected, one was marked last year, the other 2015:


So the first question is why would someone consciously change the icon of the turtle on the new signs if previous ones were recently printed and deployed?

I agree with the following comment on facebook:


The second question I have, is why print new signs at all?

On Henderson the new ones are positioned feet away from the permanent ones:


These now compete for attention in a space that also has duck crossing signs:


And what is the effectiveness of all this signage?

Well if you are to watch traffic as I did while taking these photos you can see that they have zero effect, and if animals are crossing the road adding flimsy contractor looking election signs aren’t the answer if permanent signs already exist and do nothing.

What does work you may ask?

My Garmin GPS provides both a visual and audio alert both at Henderson and along St. Johns Sideroad of animal crossing.

These new signs are not only wrong, they are redundant.

Apparently, this make-work project is the most recent brainfart of Clr. Gartner, which starts at 47:09 on the April 10th Council Meeting video here :

I guess there’s some truth in the old saying that in Aurora, when you see a sea turtle on top a signpost, you know it had some help.

Watts on your mind?

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