a LAVing stock


For a committee that can’t seem to get their shit together enough to look after the town’s own plaques it is laughable that in their minutes we see comments made at the last Heritage Advisory Committee meeting about one attached to the LAV III monument placed near the cenotaph:


The LAV III Monument program states clearly that “Each monument includes a commemorate plaque”.  Examples of monuments in Marathon, Bowmanville and Angus all show identical monuments to the one in Aurora:


What exactly did the HAC expect?

Perhaps someone needs to tell the member(s) of the HAC is that the LAV is not an “artefact” as much as it is reshaped garbage the DND would have had to pay to dispose of.

The original vehicle is not from Aurora, it’s service has no known ties to Aurora.

Again from the website, the monument is constructed from used LAV III hulls and remnant parts. A decommissioned LAV III is stripped of its weaponry, engine, steering, and communications and lighting systems. Next, the unit is sandblasted, has all access areas welded shut then remounted to its eight tire assembly and finally repainted.

I remain unconvinced that the LAV III, a vehicle plagued with enormous performance and safety issues should stand as a monument to fallen troops.

Check out more photos of Charles’ model of a battle damaged LAV III here.


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