No one’s gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong… But where do you belong?


Yesterday was the first day for election signs to go up around town.

I didn’t just see “the sign”, as part of the process I watched them all fill in over the town over 9 hours.  It opened up my eyes nonetheless.

Unlike last election there are tighter rules as to the sites for placement and setbacks which, as Anna points out should prevent the sign vomit we had to endure in 2014 and 2010.

As the battle to claim high ground, or stake-out the best positions raged on I stumbled upon a horde of signs on Wellington, pictured above that were never reclaimed.  Among the real estate and service signs were election signs from the recent Provincial election, one of them was Christine Elliot’s:


Our MPP which doesn’t live in our riding so I’m not surprised to see her leave her trash in it.

Also was one of Chris Ballard’s:


It’s one thing to be kicked to the curb, but what does it say to voters when you are unwilling or unable to collect you own garbage from it?

Ironically Ballard’s team was also out yesterday erecting his Mayoral signs:


Ballard’s signs have changed from red and white that he used in 2010 to Barney the dinosaur’s green & purple.  No doubt a conscious choice to distance himself from his time serving under Kathleen Wynne’s government.

Ballard’s campaign slogan this time is “for a better Aurora“. If you go to his hastily cobbled together excuse for a website Ballard claims that he never left Aurora:


Something he shares in common with his unclaimed garbage.

What is even more hilarious is that you can order a “custom campaign sign” that includes an option that reads “I’m concerned about the environment”:


We can all vote fir a “better Aurora”, but it won’t be achieved by electing the remnants of the Wynne liberals.

As a councilor Ballard was eager to pounce on any and every NIMBY concern, so it would be a fitting farewell if that is the reception Aurora gives him and his garbage.

Ballard.  Not in my backyard.

Or boulevard.



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