a shell of its former self


Last week the Aurora Farmers Market was unable to obtain power for its vendors as the band-shell where it originates from was unexpectedly fenced off. Candidate for council David Heard shared photos on his facebook page, seen above.

The Town of Aurora’s usual practice is to communicate service disruptions via its social media feeds, as well as on its website yet there was no communication with respect to this disruption despite the fact that the Market is a weekly permitted event.


Proven Leadership is one that communicates.  That didn’t happen here.

Things got done but without anyone knowing when or why.

On the deck of the status quo the band plays on, as there seems to be no shortage of time allocated to make cute facebook borders, hang banners that can’t be read build website pages with no links to candidates and that don’t work for mobile or tablet users.

The Town of Aurora can make progress or excuses, not both.

This October choose candidates that acknowledge, not dismiss the growing list of corporate communication failures and have a plan to fix the issue at its core, not just its glossy shell.





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