Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.


With 2 weeks left to go before the election I have done my rounds online checking out the web presences for council and Mayoral candidates in Aurora.

What was shocking to learn was that only 1 mayoral candidate has a secure website; Dawe.

Mrakas, Ballard and Abel do not.

All the beating of chests about leadership and a “better Aurora”, yet these 3 couldn’t couldn’t manage something as simple as a secure website?

It’s one thing to go around chanting about getting things done, it’s quite another to do them right.

It’s certainly not the approach to security I want from Aurora’s next mayor.

Candidates for council fared a little better.  Of the 12 that have websites only 3 are not secure: Abas , Gallo & Lajeunesse.

What was even more disappointing is that 4 candidates have no website , 2 of which are councilors seeking re-election : Gaertner, Hoyes, Humfreys & McGrath.

It’s 2018.  Not having a website as part of your election campaign is inexcusable, and an immediate write-off for any candidate failing the most basic litmus test.

Not having a secure website is a red flag, and should cause voter to pause and consider how secure that candidate stacks up against the rest.


Watts on your mind?

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