The monarch of all they survey


Back in July I posted about the Town of Aurora’s questionable choice to use stock imagery to engage our youth population.

More recently the town decided to roll out a survey (yawn) targeted at skateborders.

Because that’s what skateborders love to do, fill out surveys.

So on the town’s facebook we see a notice with a link to SurveyMonkey, a free service that the town has already aknowledged it had an issue with ballot stuffing when it used it during the 2017 budget process.

One small problem.

The link the town’s Communication department provided went to a closed survey:


This only a few weeks following the roll out of an online lookup tool which the town also failed to test for user experience, resulting in a flurry of comments confirming that the site was not designed for mobile.

How many people in both cases just gave up out of frustration?

This isn’t increasing engagement, if anything it is likely deceasing it.

Even if they were capable of sending out links to sites that actually worked who in their right mind came up with the idea to survey skateboarders?

The town recently installed a new skateboard feature at the Aurora family leisure complex.   If you want feedback how about climbing down from your throne in town hall and actually going out to where skateboarders are and engage them in person?

Obviously polling and surveying residents objectively, accurately and professionally is not something the Town of Aurora is capable of despite the growing number of staff and inflating budget for this purpose.

The next council needs to move that polling and surveys be conducted out of house, by a objective, reputable and proven third party.

There are no cost savings to be had if these are the results citizens are having to endure






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