Confucius say…


The town has recently sent out a social media post that says that black plastic is not accepted in the blue bin recycling program:


Yet their webpage dedicated to the bluebox program clearly has black plastic under the column “materials accepted”:


I would say that is confusing.

Also under that list is “coffee cups/hot beverage cups”.


That’s right coffee cups the item the town previously posted about.

Like I asked in that previous post, did anyone at the town actually review this information before 1.) posting it to the website and then 2.) creating a social media campaign that drives eyeballs to it.

Recycling items is a black and white issue.  Items can or can’t be recycled, you communicate this accurately and consistently or you risk confusing the public.

The two social media posts so far have used the phrase “confused, we’re not” so the only takeaway residents have from this is that irony is recyclable.

Watts on your mind?

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