The Rebuke of York

Prince Andrew is just the latest in a string of reminders of how much a dumpster fire the British Royal Family is, and how as Canadians we should steer clear of it.

It’s not a like the general public are surprised to find out how great a douche Andrew is, there has been more than enough evidence of his “lifestyle” over the years.

While all the media noise is featured on Epstein this 2008 Maclean’s piece featured Andrew’s close friendship with another pedophile; an Anglican priest Lakefield College School.

We read “That Keith William Gleed was a sexual deviant is not in dispute. Lakefield’s own independent investigators concluded in 2015 that the disgraced chaplain violated “the trust and authority” of his position and “afflicted harm on innocent students by engaging in sexual misconduct.”

So Andrew gifted a baptismal font for the school chapel dedicated to Gleed, which school officials removed 6 years later in 2014.

2014, the same year that the town of Aurora falsely claimed Andrew visited Aurora, but he never did.

What really happened was the prince attended an event in Richmond Hill where he dedicated a plaque to the town’s Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Park.

After this a bunch of Aurora fangirls paid big money to be in the same room and you can see photos by Crap’d of them fawning all over him

I wonder if any of these asshats still have feelings of awe and admiration for their royal crush.

The real question is seeing as this is a town park frequented by children, how does Aurora go about stripping the dedication from said plaque.

Watts on your mind?

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