Commonwealth isn’t so common

In case you haven’t heard Australia is still on fire.

As part of the Commonwealth Canada has sent 160 people.

So now the question turns to what the Queen is doing for Australia?

Instead of the CNN’s list of what you can do to help the Queen has sent thoughts and prayers.

Her oaf of a son has sent the exact same gift but included a link for others to donate to Red Cross.

No need for the Royals to share their own wealth with the commonwealth though. Just the plebs.


Even Queen the band is doing more that the Queen.

Thoughts and prayers are both cheap and meaningless, which must be why Charles decided to regift it to Canada in a 2 sentence response to the loss of Canadian citizens in the recent plane Iran shot out of the sky.

Piss off Charles, either send $ to back up your words and show us your receipt or stfu.

It’s not like the Queen is hurting for money if she was able to tax evade $12 Million of her $97.2 Million annual salary offshore.

Sitting on $500 Million, surely she could lead by example and share her wealth with the commoners.

But no.

All of this has eclipsed by the talk of the fact that Canada may have to spend $ to protect Charles’ son and his wife as they jump off the sinking ship that is the royal family.

Combined with the fact that Harry has already given Aurora the royal snub and the fact that Aurora has no strategy for providing affordable housing to refugees it’s not likely he will pick to live here.

Which means its not our circus and not our monkeys, yet in the interest of finding efficiencies I’m unsure why we are looking to add another projected $10 Million annually to our tab when the rough estimate is that maintaining the monarchy in Canada exceeds $50 million annually.

If both the governor general and the lieutenant governors have several properties that serve as official royal residences, such as Quebec City’s Citadel and Ottawa’s Rideau Hall. Here’s a thought. Boot one of their snobby asses to the curb and let Harry assume that role.

That way he gets RCMP security and residence with no impact to our government, or his.

In the few remaining years the queen has left she needs to reign in the collateral damage of her crumbling monarchy on the commonwealth, not gaslight it.

Maybe back in 1980 God would consider saving this queen but its 2020 and there are far more pressing matters, and far more people to save.

Some from her direct actions, and inaction.

Cough, cough.

Australia is still on fire.

Watts on your mind?

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