caught in a traffic jam of discursive thought

It’s February, which means it’s the 2 year anniversary since the Town of Aurora launched their “digital engagement tool” Place Speak.

Well maybe not exactly 2 years. As with almost all digital properties the Town of Aurora is involved with PlaceSpeak online failed to launch on-time and it was only operational 8 months later.

The effectiveness of PlaceSpeak is worthy of review, especially considering it was brought up at the February 4th GC. Fast forward to Clr. Humpfries at 1:06:48:

The clr said she’s fielding lots of requests for traffic safety measures.

Requests that have previously been directed to and dealt with by a Traffic Safety Advisory committee, unfortunately that was disbanded almost 10 years ago and as a feeble substitute PlaceSpeak was implemented.

I have written 6 posts outlining how PlaceSpeak was an inappropriate tool, it’s woeful application and adoption by residents and even elected officials and has not had the appropriate expectations outlined for its effectiveness clearly set out by way of KPIs.

January 2018

February 2018

April 2018

And another in April

July 2018

August 2018

The Town has stated it spends $30,000 / year on this tool.

Given my findings above I fail to see appropriate R.O.I.

If you don’t agree then by all means back it up quantitatively, you know with the success measures the town itself has identified:

It should be easy for the town to answer the following questions:

1.) What have the sign up rates been each year?
2.) What are the engagement rates each year?
3,) How is the level of satisfaction with the tool measured, and how has it changed year over year?
4.) How is the willingness to engage in the future measured?
5.) How is the satisfaction with quality and quantity of information measured? and what are the values for each year.

Most importantly how has PlaceSpeak provided everything the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee it replaced?

The cute Rollo May quote inexplicably added in the Communication Strategy report reads that “Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing”

PlaceSpeak is evidence of how the town has failed on all these fronts, in addition to the objective for two-way communication.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

If you make up the rules for measurement you actually have to do the work of measuring them, then reporting them, then deriving the trends to judge effectiveness.

That isn’t happening, it’s not even expected.

Instead PlaceSpeak just gets chalked up as a “success” and another thing that got done, all at the cost of traffic safety.

Watts on your mind?

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