The Mayor’s Energy Challenged


Earlier today the Town of Aurora posted yet another a cheesy video to its poorly trafficked Youtube channel, this one featuring the mayor announcing a regional energy challenge to businesses:

In closing the Mayor says “For more details click on the link”.

One small problem.  There is no link.

When one checks the description for the video there is a single sentence:

And if that wasn’t bad enough, as to be expected with the town’s piss poor attention to detail in its communications, the url in the video is incorrect. It is written as:

The actual link is:

This is some seriously low energy effort on behalf of the the town staff member paid to create this communication, and the ones who approve them. Does the town need to start placing vending machines of energy drinks in their offices to keep these people awake?

I find it interesting that Aurora’s mayor has agreed to participate in this challenge yet the Town of Aurora is not even listed among Climate Wise’s Members:


The challenge, as I understand it is nothing more than a political dick measuring contest to see which municipality in the region have the most efficient buildings based off the fact that most owners of commercial, industrial, multi-unit residential and other building types that are 50,000 square feet and larger are encouraged to report their building’s energy and water consumption annually to the province.

Great, so this excludes government buildings then.

There is no reporting of the energy and water consumption say of the Town of Aurora’s 66,000 Sqft Joint Oops Centre, or of any of its recreation centres, or even the newly renovated Armoury which looks to be almost void of all net-zero and water reclamation systems.

Mayors usually lead by example.  If you’re issuing a challenge to industry then show them what you have done in this space.

I don’t see any examples.  I see a lot of hot air.

Oh and on that subject there is one facility I will be interested to see the numbers on as it is privately owned and operated.  That is the Aurora Sports Dome, a heated, air-supported structure that is inexplicably exempt from paying its share of educational taxes.

This is yet one more regional challenge Aurora is poised to lose thanks to years of #NotGettingThingsDone and even more years of not caring enough to communicate clearly exactly what needs to get done.






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