Smartphone Dumbtown


While the Town of Aurora has spent 2 attempts over 5 years and $140,000 on their corporate website only for it to remain a hot mess the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury is poised to get a new smartphone app.

Oh and the cost, well below the $70,000 website refresh, and that amount may qualify for provincial funding:

The request for the project would be funded either through provincial funding that the town has already received, or it would be considered during budget deliberations. The cost for the program to run would be $50,000 over a five year period.

Click to access Highlights-2019-11-19.pdf

It’s sad that the town of Aurora is unable to stay on top of current communications technologies when local high school students recently participated in a 30 hour Hackathon held by the Aurora Public Library to develop apps that meet community goals.

Teams of kids were able to develop apps in short order.  One of them was an app to report problems:


You know an app that actually works not the abomination the town currently uses called PingStreet.

If high school students can roll out apps in 30 hours what is the town’s excuse for failing to engage residents using the tools and solutions they are familiar with and are capable of delivering on their own?


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