Shamed into getting things done


Yesterday by way of email Diabetes sent out this communication:

The first thing I noticed is the photo they used is from one of their locations in Aurora, a site that has a documented history of being abused.

Back in January 2018 Anna wrote a post about it, then on March 4th I wrote a piece on the problems facing Aurora residents who look to donate items.

What is worthy of a faecpalm here is Diabetes Canada urging their readers to contact their local municipal elected officials to request they help inform the public to stop leaving donations or dumping at their donation bins.

Sure, except here in Aurora when Anna contacted the town about this issue previously no one returned her email.

Why is the burden placed on residents to contact their local municipal elected officials? Why can’t elected officials provide leadership, and staff operate from policies that proactively address predictable outcomes?

I have a hard time believing that no one at town hall considered this possibility when over 2 weeks ago CBC reported that donation bins were being closed and not collected.

Instead the town scrambled has to react.  Several hours after Diabetes circulated their communication the town and mayor sent out social media posts:

If this “poses a serious health and safety issue” why is the town and mayor wasting their breath on strongly urging ?

The town has a bylaw department, this is clearly an issue of both illegal dumping in addition to concerns of Covid19 spread so why not put up those orange barricades and enforce?

For sake of comparison Newmarket’s bylaw officers executed 138 proactive park patrols from Thursday through Sunday.  Surely the Town of Aurora could have been sending their expensively SWAT costumed bylaw officers around to keep an eye on these bins while a longer term approach could be put in place.

Instead of urging, why was the Town of Aurora unable to coordinate with Diabetes Canada to either fence off or remove the bins entirely and sequester them at their JointOps site?

It’s not as though this is out of the realm of possibilities considering the Town removed the bins they operate:


Photo credit – Peter Cameron

Back in late 2011 I wrote a post when the town started this selfish pilot, a duplication of service that competes directly with charities like Diabetes Canada.


If charities require help, both during a pandemic and likely even without one and the town shows they can physically handle bins at locations they operate what exactly is stopping everyone from working together?

Reaction time is not the Town of Aurora’s strong suit if it took a photo clearly showing how Aurorans were abusing donation bins to shame the Town of Aurora into action.




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