Downtown Aurora M.I.A.


Back on March 17th the Yonge & St. Clair BIA released a post to alert citizens to head online and support local shops.  That was also a month ago, a very fast reaction to the pandemic.

They followed this up on March 23rd by announcing a $500 Digital Growth Grant.  This initiative is to help businesses transition or grow their online presence.

Great, so what’s happening here from the Downtown Aurora BIA?


Their own website is a ghost town.  They couldn’t even bother to update it since I pointed out several issues back on February 26th.

What is most unacceptable is that there is no mention of the pandemic or their response to it.

There is no mention of the Town’s shop from home initiative that includes businesses that are inside this BIA.

And no mention of the town’s Business Continuity Task Force which is particularly strange given that it’s task force lists the Aurora Business Improvement Area Chair.

If you were to visit this BIA’s facebook page, and there is no reason to you would see a post from March 17th saying they will continue to share updates from their business owners:


Yet they have failed to produce a facebook post since March 24th.

That’s a whole 18 days ago.


With everyone working from home what is the excuse for a piss poor response in maintaining an active an engaging web and social presence.

It is glaringly obvious to me that the board of this BIA is incapable of delivering on their vision statement:

support member businesses through promotion and education; attract new businesses that add value to the downtown core and support their integration within the community; and participate in the marketing and beautification efforts for Downtown Aurora.

Unlike several of its businesses the Downtown Aurora BIA has proven itself to be a non essential service.

Revitalization isn’t a buzz-word, it’s a commitment to act every day.







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