The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has listed a page of numerous communities whose local leaders have stepped up for their communities.

Among them we learn Prince Edward County developed a website that updates residents on businesses offering products and services.

And did Aurora make the list?

No, and who would expect them to given the huge leadership vacuum where our elected officials are content with snapping their respective instagram selfies masked up living out their fanciful narrative of selfless uber eats delivery drivers.

It’s been months and Aurora hasn’t advanced anything that isn’t being done in every other community in the province, but hey have you seen the video?

Cle. Humfreys was quoted in this week’s Auroran

“One of their first tasks, she says, was creating a music video featuring representation from Aurora’s Arts & Culture community intended to not only remind residents that the industry was still there but also to provide the Town with a bit of inspiration.”

Yup, the video so inspiring that in a community of 60,000 residents it has only received a paltry 879 views. Yet our absentee MPP thinks it is amazing:

Not only is the video exceptionally cheesy, it is a rip-off of the same effort Newmarket did way back in April.

So how exactly does our MPP determine that re-using the same musical Artists as Newmarket’s video exemplifies the “vibrancy of Aurora’s arts and culture community? If anything it illustrates how close the two communities are and how Aurora constantly fails at demonstrating its uniqueness at every turn.

It’s not surprising it took committee with politicians to both produce and seal clap this piece of fluff.

If the focus was honestly on the arts and culture community then why was it necessary to include a photo of council and not those that comprise the round table?:

The fact that ones like Clr. Humfreys believe that residents need reminding of our arts and culture scene is downright patronizing and thee only thing this video shows is exactly how uninspiring politicians are, yet how quickly they jump at every turn to be seen as involved in a community that has long since moved on from them.





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