Them’s Fighting Wards

Looks like Aurora’s Robert The Bruce wasn’t content to bitch about dandelions on school properties during this pandemic.

Now he’s got his his kilt in a knot about wards.

Nothing like being 6 months late to a party.

It has taken ages to bring Aurora out of the dark ages, and to do so the town held public consultations, produced reports in 2010 and 2017 and council voted on this last year. But hey lets start a go-fund me to appeal the decision.

I want to address 2 glaring problems with Robert the Bruce’s approach.

1.) If you read the Banner piece he claims that democracy has gone out the window because council is “just operating on their own with no responsibility to the residents”.

I guess he is blind to the hypocrisy that the status quo of an at large system is exactly what produces said outcome.

In an at large system councillors can hide as they have no responsibility to residents they disagree with.

With wards, councillors take on such responsibility.

Talk about fighting against your own best interests.

2.) If you feel so strongly to appeal a council decision that you’re going to start a go fund me, then you need to put your money where your mouth is before you start begging other to.

When I went to the link I was greeted with this message:

Be the first to help.


You couldn’t even throw in $5 to your own cause?

I guess its also not surprising he couldn’t even bother to spell the town’s name right.

What a waste of everyone’s time and money.

Asshats like this that fight for a return to at-large voting which has failed this town in huge ways for decades continue to rely on the results of a 2014 ballot question that showed 55% support.

55% support from such a low voter turnout is not the reason to keep a community with a population of 60,000 in an at-large system.

Page 3 of the Town’s Electoral System Review report prepared last November states that only Sarnia has a larger population than Aurora and still uses an at-large approach to electing councillors

North Bay which is listed in the same table is looking to adopt wards

People with nothing better to do with their time need to stop yelling at clouds without recognizing that they are comprised of the winds of change.

Changes takes us to better places than Aurora of the 1950’s or in Robert the Bruce’s case the worst era of Scotland’s history.



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