Is your $17,000 Refrigerator running?

Aurora Town Clr. Rachel Gilliland’s facebook profile proudly lists a bunch of acronyms of committees she is a member of:

Oh, and if you are in need of a used fridge well you’re in luck as it appears she is selling hers on there too:

At $17,000 the 48″ Sub Zero looks like a rather bare bones appliance, with only an ice maker inside but it is ranked as the “2nd most expensive refrigerator in the world” by Money Inc.

And really what’s $5,000 these days to buy someones used fridge?

Its not like you could buy a brand new Samsung that not only also boasts French Door style but also comes with a wifi enabled 21″ screen in the door.

I mean its hard to pass up a 2 year warranty and still have $1,700 in your pocket when a deal like this is staring you in the face. Come on Aurora, you better go catch it!

Yup, hocking an appliance with a clear depreciation of $12,000+ convinces me that Clr. Gilliand recognizes the value of a dollar and I’m so looking forward to all the insights that she will bring to offer on the Town of Aurora’s 2021 budget meetings next month.

I guess for some on council a $60 Million spend for library square is just water under the fridge.

Watts on your mind?

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