4 (oh my) 4 error

Clr. Harold Kim made the news this week with respect to a motion he has put forward that speaks to the “climax now around the world”.

He is quoted in the article as saying “I am putting forth this motion now in timely response to that climax. I only wish I had thought of this sooner.ā€

As Clr. Kim is a very benign member of council I went to his social media feeds to see what he has been up to. Here is his twitter profile:

The link he has supplied for his website is haroldkimaurora.com

If you click on it this the site you are taken to offers a rather different kind of climax:

I’m not sure how this site achieves Kim’s hope that “seeing new faces that we haven’t seen before will prompt us all to get to know and appreciate the contributions of diverse Canadians.ā€

Laughs aside I’m sure this is not the site Kim is intending to direct people to, but alas here we are.

If this is just a matter of him failing to renew his domain name then it speaks volumes in his lack of attention to details.

More importantly if Kim doesn’t check his own website why should anyone else in town?

Perhaps before venturing out to update a mural on private property, Kim should get his own house in order.

Watts on your mind?

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