Hey Town of Aurora, I think you dropped this

While watching the November 3rd Committee Meeting I couldn’t help but notice something was missing.

Well yes John Gallo absent but his absence is rarely missed as he obviously has more important things to do then the job he was elected to. No I’m talking about the little red flower which seamed to be to difficult for certain members of council and staff to wear.

Mayor Marakas, Clrs Thompson and Gilliland all managed to sport a poppy:

Conversely Clrs Kim, Gaertner & Humfreys appear not to wear a poppy:

Watch the video yourself, you can see camera angles shift around and I don’t see poppies anywhere on these 3.

That’s 50% of council.

I’m not surprised with Clr, Gaertner as she demonstrated 11 years ago that she did not recall the time when Remembrance ceremonies were celebrated but it is ironic given that Cr Humfreys mentions the banners hanging on Yonge street @ 2:12:29.

When you look at staff the town’s clerk, bylaws manager, community services manager and infrastructure director all managed to wear a poppy:

Conversely The manager of library square, manager of human resource and the CAO also appear not to wear a poppy:

So a little more than 50%.

But the town’s CAO?


It’s not like the Town of Aurora enforces Whole Food’s uniform policy, so there is zero excuse for this.

This was the last committee meeting before November 11th. The very least you can do is wear a poppy.

To not wear one, in the words of our mayor “shows a compete lack of respect for our veteran and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us all”:

Those who represent our town that forgot should indeed be ashamed of themselves and apologize.

Until they do it appears that the Town of Aurora has lots to forget during this time of remembrance.

Watts on your mind?

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