Keeping it Casual

When the Aurora Holliday Inn officially opened this month nothing could stop the rush of town councillors to get their photo taken at the obligatory photo-op.

I’ve taken the liberty to circle some of the issues from this event in a game of “spot the stupid”:

1.) Vanity trumps public health when 9 people are squished together circumventing the 2 meter physical distancing rules. During the pandemic the Mayor is more than sufficient to represent council. The other 4 council members should have offered to step off to provide more space to satisfy public health rules for the other 5. But if they did that no one would see all the effort they put into their outfits.

2.) Again, 2 members of Council, this time Clr.s Gilliland and Humfreys fail to wear poppies while representing Aurora in their official capacity.

WTF is the thought process of these ass-hats?

Are they oblivious to the fact that everyone else is wearing a symbol of respect for our fallen, or do they believe a poppy upsets the balance of their thrift store ensembles?

3.) Clr. Kim seemed to have gone all out on a cosplay of Indiana Jones villain Belloq, complete with safari hat.


Did he think he had to appear as though he was on some kind of Sahara holiday?

It certainly is an interesting departure from his Joe Exotic shirt he was sporting at the November 3rd Committee meeting:

But it is the last point that really reaches a new low.

4.) Clr. Gilliland is sporting a pair of janky ripped jeans:

I guess a poppy free blazer and ripped mom jeans are the perfect ensemble to compliment a banal social media post.

You are there for a ribbon cutting ceremony not to check in as a guest ffs.

Way to keep it classy!

In this 2014 piece on Workopolis :

Ripped jeans are listed as one of “13 fashion choices that can seriously hurt your career” and that wearing them suggests that you have no respect for your workplace environment:

Work from home fashions are for working at home but before you go out in public look in the mirror.

And if you are still struggling as to what to purge from your work wardrobe then Debra Whitman’s October 15th, 2017 piece on Linked-in titled “Business Casual Gone Wrong” is required reading.

“Just because your company’s dress policy is relaxed does not mean you should show up at the office looking like you just rolled out of bed for your 8 AM class.”

She goes on to say “It’s really not that difficult to dress properly within the context of a business casual environment, but it does take some effort. Don’t be lazy about the way you dress for work–it makes an impression and makes a statement about you. In fact, you should dress a step above everyone else.”

Watts on your mind?

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