You’re so vain. You probably thought this pandemic was about you.

So yesterday Mayor Mrakas got up on his soapbox and declared that we can’t continue lockdowns:

Today the Province is seeing him eat those words as York is placed in lockdown, and rightly so. Without lockdown we are a destination for all those in regions under lockdown which increases our case count and maximizes risk.

Former resident Michael Suddard drew a comparison between Aurora and Ottawa’s case count highlighting the disparity in our populations:

Luckily when the Mayor was out to eat something other than his own words he wears a mask, leading by example and encouraging others to do the same:

Unfortunately the same can’t be said of one of the representatives from the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. Here she is in an indoor dining environment sitting beside a senior citizen unmasked, a high risk group for this photo op:

So the menu at this restaurant had options and she chose vanity over public health?

Not exactly making #AuroraProud here.

And would this photo have been any different if she were wearing a mask?


And this appears to be a pattern, this same Chamber president was also in photo promoting small business on the cover of the Error Banner:


You had time to play dress up like Mrs. Claus so where the fuck is your mask?

Look, I get it you’re outside, but that’s not the point.

This is a news story encouraging residents to support local business during a fucking pandemic.

There are protocols and being a representative of the local Chamber of Commerce you are expected to lead by example.

Choosing not to wear a mask sends the wrong message while only heightening a lack of consistency in public messaging about shopping safely.

I ask again, would the photo really be any different if you were wearing a mask?

Does the need to show off your cheap lipstick outweigh that of promoting safe shopping during a pandemic?

Let’s face it. This was a huge fail, and to add insult to injury a lost opportunity of using said mask as a visual canvas for reinforcing your message be it a hashtag or URL to a particular cause or event.

Perhaps if there was real leadership from our Chamber a business operating in Aurora’s “Business Improvement Area” wouldn’t have celebrated Small Business Week by getting charged under the Reopening Ontario Act and Section 22 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act

Unlike our Mayor and Chamber I don’t encourage Aurorans to blindly support ANY or ALL local small business.

Support the ones that follow the rules and are helping us all to get through this.

Most importantly wear a mask when you shop.

The meaningless selfies can be saved for home.

Watts on your mind?

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