Say Journalism, Say Journalism!

Back on November 17th Metroland announced it was launching a new parcel delivery service.

Yes the same outfit that cobbles together a paper version of The Error Banner every week and manages delivery of that flaming turd 4 times out of ten.

That paper has earned the name Error Banner from its multitude of failings I have chronicled in previous posts.

To refresh, there is the absurd evaluation they give their product, with the price listed on its cover.

If you are living in 2005 or newer then you read the paper online and instead of seeing that sticker shock you are greeted with a paywall.

A paywall on a product that is not only a surrogate of cheesy advertisements but also adware.

Let’s not forget this is a company that can’t even print the title of their paper properly before throwing it in your nearest puddle.

Then there is a whole bundle of blunders from 2013 I put in a single post.

The last time this company decided to stray from newspapers they launched a trading app that no one asked for. It failed miserably to establish a community and has a 1.5 star review in the app store.

Epic fail.

I trust my parcels with Metroland Media as much as I trust George Costanza with my journalism.


Watts on your mind?

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