Snow Green and the 7(00,000) dollar bills

The Town of Aurora’s Communications department has several full-time staff and an annual budget of over $700,000 for several years now yet with all these resources move in very snow motion.

Back in 2016 I posted on how the town used inappropriate stock imagery that showed snow to advertise fun activities for a March break that had no snow.

Now they are using real imagery to illustrate issues with winter trash collection. See if you can spot what is missing:

Here is the accompanying message:

So this entire effort is educating the public about not interfering with snow maintenance yet a conscious choice was made to go out and photograph recycling in conditions when there is no snow?

Exactly what communications best practices suggest using imagery that conflicts the message?

By comparison here is photo I took the night before garbage pick-up under snow conditions showing a mound of garbage bags at the curb:

It wasn’t that hard, didn’t cost anything and likely took all of 2 minutes.

It doesn’t really matter which of the 7 dwarves in this department the Town of Aurora looks to throws under the bus for such low effort as they all seem to be #Sleepy and #Dopey and shouldn’t be doing Snow White’s make-up.


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