Richmond Hill’s Asteroid comes crashing down to earth

NASA claims that about once a year, an automobile-sized asteroid hits Earth’s atmosphere, creates an impressive fireball, and burns up before reaching the surface.

Luckily we have prime seating to watch such a spectacle unfolding next door in Richmond Hill.

When Richmond Hill’s Regional councillor Brenda Hogg retired two years ago fellow Ward 5 Councillor Karen Cilevitz was quoted in the local paper stating “if I can emulate just a fraction of what it is that you have done throughout your life … I will indeed be blessed.”

Two years on and let’s see how that has played out.

In middle of 2018 Cilevitz’s hosted an event titled “Ward 5 Music Festival”. Believing so strongly that only she was entitled to use the term “Ward 5.” she then proceeded to harass and threaten organizers of a competing music event titled “Ward 5 Jam”. In this CBC piece it is stated that town officials confirmed that the councillor is of course not entitled to exclusive use of the term but it didn’t stop her from launching a lawsuit and demanding a retraction over her huge mistake and gross misconduct.

Why she would care about something like this is unclear but apparently her husband Derek Christie has a band or something, so perhaps he was involved in the festival she was organizing.

In December of 2018 Cilevitz was found to have contravened the town’s code of conduct by bullying and intimidating the aforementioned resident and was docked 90 days pay, the highest penalty that the Municipal Act permits.

If you thought that with this episode behind her she could return to a path of emulating the former councillor brace for impact.

In October of last year Cilevitz was docked 45 days pay, then an additional 180 days pay after organizing not one but three residents meetings on high-density development applications without inviting all members of council as per policy.

That’s 315 days’ pay in total, the first time that a Richmond Hill councillor has been suspended about a year’s worth of pay.

Today we learn that Cilevitz found a creative way to get back all that docked pay by way of committing fraud against her own administrative assistant, an Aurora resident for a staggering $21,000.

Cilevitz won’t have to look farther than her campaign manager Richard Rupp for advise on how to deal with fraud charges. Apparently Rupp is no stranger to being arrested as he cheated Canadians by wrongfully making 70 fake accounts to collect HST for his personal benefit.

Also charged was her husband. Perhaps there was some foreshadowing on his website that claims he has planted something that is growing and to expect something in spring of next year:

Although she can continue to serve as a councillor her constituents may have a harder time connecting wth her as it appears all of Cilevitz’s social channels have all been deleted:

While she’s at deleting things the claim on her website about how her “commitment to her residents as Richmond Hill’s Ward 5 Councillor demonstrates her dedication to public service excellence” also needs some significant rework.

While the residents of her ward figure how the crawl out of the crater she has made for them one wonders if Royal Astronomical Society Canada will chose to revoke the asteroid named after her; Asteroid 108382 Karencilevitz.

Given what Cilevitz has done in such short time former Councillor Hogg must be so proud.

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