sign, steal & deliver?

Earlier today someone at the Town of Aurora attempted to be funny and posted this to their social accounts:

The post claims this declaration to be signed all members of council.

Here is the official declaration:

One of these things look just like the others, and yes it’s the signatures.


Is the Town of Aurora stooping so low that it now forges Council members signatures on official documents?

Why on earth would anyone do this? And for something as dumb as a yawn worthy post.

I’m pretty sure misrepresentation of council member’s signatures is frowned upon.

Was this run past legal, the clerk or even the members of council listed before someone pushed it out to FarceBook?

Either council signs official documents or they don’t.

All something like this rubber stamp signature does is erode trust in the corporation. Well, that and add whichever asshat that came up with this idea to Santa’s naughty list.



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