The 2020 Town of Aurora Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Mediocrity

Aurora’s Mayor Marakas sends out his annual cookie-cutter Happy New Year message overflowing with self congratulations and back patting that we have come to expect from him.

It is no surprise that Mrakas cherry picks the positives while completely failing to address the equal amount of turds. No town, its politicians nor its bureaucrats can learn from their mistakes until they acknowledges and take ownership for them publicly.

This is something the town of Aurora is exceptionally adverse to doing under the leadership of the past 3 mayors. There is this perpetual mindset that everything that “gets done” must be seen as perfect and to say otherwise dispels the laughable Pleasantville image that politicians try to construct of our town.

This very inaction actually contravenes the town’s Accountability and Transparency Policy laid out in By-law Number 5690-15. Check out Page – 3, subsection 4 : Accountability and Transparency Principles and Practices.

There were too many actions or inactions in 2020 to try to sweep under the rug like Marakas is attempting to do. So in an attempt to preserve the public trust, in compliance with the town’s policy I’ve awarded the best of the worst in this 2020 Town of Aurora Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Mediocrity

Information Technology

1st Place : Sharepoint

2nd Place: Unable or unwilling to leverage GIS data to their website

3rd Place: Mismanagement of the town’s “where’s my plow” app

Transparency & Openness

1st Place : purged agendas

2nd Place : Meeting minutes and Video curiously absent from the town’s website without any explanation


1st Place : Unable to operate a simple led sign board

2nd Place : Clueless as to how to divert pet waste

3rd Place : Sole Sourced $1000 a piece bland and uninspiring lamp post snowflakes, with no BIA involvement or investment

Communications & Community Engagement

1st Place : Unable to roll out the town’s website without issues, the second time in 5 years

2nd Place : Placespeak platform inevitable failure and collapse

3rd Place : Anti-social media posts encouraging residents to contravene the Ontario Trails Council trail etiquette during a pandemicand using resources to dispense links to crosswords and Disney land

Business Improvement

1st Place: A BIA that failed to act during the pandemic, and pretty much at everything since its formation

2nd Place: The ineptitude of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce which fails to represent more than 26% of local businesses yet pretends they speak for all of them

3rd Place : Amateur roll-out of a microsite for business

Public Planning

1st Place : Can’t “work together” with developers to meet expectations for parking in development applications

Traffic Safety

1st -Place : Yonge & Wellington got a rainbow flag makeover but nothing to address traffic safety

Selective Enforcement

1st Place : no consistency in enforcement of noise bylaws

2nd Place : Unwilling to police it’s corporate identity

You did all of these in 2020 Town of Aurora.

Own them as your bylaw requires.

And while you scramble to spin and deflect the rest of us have to ask ourselves if the town of Aurora is providing an “exceptional quality of life for all” or just for the select few on its payroll.

Watts on your mind?

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