A half caramel, half vanilla latte, decaf espresso heated only to 100° with nonfat milk and caramel drizzle on top…

Back in August Clr. Rachel Gilliland’s inner teenager leaked out as she took to social media to gush over the opening of a Starbucks:

It must be so warming to all the small restaurant and coffee shop owners in town to hear this council member declare she has chosen a large chain coffee shop to meet people at.

I guess patronizing a drive-trough Starbucks during a pandemic really helps Gilliland “be on the ground with the people, hear their struggles, hear what they’re going through.” that she claims in this recent Auroran article announcing her intentions to run for federal politics.

The fact that Gilliland prioritizes convenience over a strong and diverse local small business scene is only half of the problem I have with her post.

The other half is that she included the hashtag #newbusiness

Starbucks is not a new business.

Not even close.

They have 3 locations in Aurora. This one at at 14980 Yonge street, 650 Wellington St. E (Longos) and
129 Pedersen Dr.

One inconvenient fact that Gilliland left out of this post was that the Ransom & Yonge location isn’t even a business expansion. It was a relocation because the #2 Orchard Heights Blvd. location has closed:

If businesses that are not in walking distance don’t matter to Gilliland then she will fit right in with the Coservative Party of Canada.



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