The Greatest Snowman?

Last Monday Clr. Harold Kim posted to a local facebook group regarding issues residents have had with sidewalk plowing this season:

Interesting because both the Town of Aurora and the mayor haven’t acknowledged any issues residents have been having through their social channels over the past 2 months. In fact if you go back 2 more days the Mayor was even praising staff for the dedication and hard work of clearing sidewalks:

Strange given the fact that staff don’t clear sidewalks and this is a contracted service, confirmed by this 2020 Certificate of Substantial Performance issued by the town.

Leaving aside the fact that we have 2 members of council providing conflicting statements about the town’s service levels, Clr. Kim has provided no context, nor any proof to his statement that the town “will be bringing sidewalk plowing in-house next winter”.

So let’s break this down.

1.) Is there or isn’t there an issue with sidewalk winter maintenance service levels contracted out by the town?

Kim’s post only speaks to the fact that lawns may be damaged. I fail to see how changing this between an in-house or contracted service will improve this. The town has delivered sidewalk plowing in house previously and the same damage has occurred. If Kim is claiming that the damage has increased using a contractor vs in house then where are the KPIs that are measured, reported and trended to support such accusations?

Given that Kim was supportive of the recently added sidewalk on Kitmat Cres. whose benefits listed were that it would “provide a safe walkway for pedestrians, especially children:

What does he have to say when photos have popped up on the same facebook group he posted to claiming that the sidewalk was not being plowed in a timely fashion.

It should be easy to determine not only if but when that sidewalk is plowed by simply checking the Town’s Where’s my Plow app, yet when you do the sidewalk doesn’t reflect any status, why?

2.) Is the town considering bringing sidewalk plowing in-house or not?

If we go back to Match of 2015 we can review “Additional Information on Budget Decision Unit #2.4
Sidewalk Snow Removal Services”
. On page 3 we see a rationalization for switching between inhouse and contracted sidewalk plowing:

Fast forward to 2017 and contracted sidewalk clearing was reported to be $500,000 to clear 213km of sidewalks.

How much sidewalk does the town have to clear in 2021? Does Kim even know?

In the 2020 Operating budget there is graph predicting a total of both road and sidewalks but no individual breakdown:

Also on page 19-4 listed under 2019 accomplishments is “Review of winter control plans to identify a long-term strategy to deliver roads and sidewalk maintenance for the winter season.”

So what is this strategy?

If Kim is definitively stating that the Town of Aurora is bringing sidewalk plowing in house he must have read it. So why not share the link with residents?

Perhaps he was too deep in thought he simply forgot.

Ironically a month ago Kim posted to the same facebook group about another “deep in thought” moment where he failed to notice a snow plow before it covered him:

If the stress of his job on council is taxing on his self awareness and potentially putting his personal safety in jeopardy than this may be the motivation behind announcing his intention to fail upwards into a federal Conservative nomination.


Apparently Kim admits he has made a factually bankrupt statement due to “disappointment” and “frustration”:

I mean why bother checking facts before making a public statement to constituents?

I also see no retraction or clarification of the statement in the channels he made his initial statements to either. Allowing frustration and disappointment to drive your responses are excellent qualities one looks for in a Member of Parliament. Great work!

Watts on your mind?

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