Throw Me A Frickin’ Bone Here!

December 10th 2020 Mayor Mrakas stated that “we can’t continue lockdowns”:

Yet here we are January 12th and not only have we continued lockdowns but the Province has issued a second state of emergency that includes a stay at home order.

Just because an elected official don’t want something to happen doesn’t mean it can’t.

Likewise just because a declared emergency is difficult we can’t just pick a random date somewhere in the future to declare it over.

Once a state of emergency is declared most people would understand that it will not be ended until all signs point that the emergency itself has abated.

Unfortunately one of Aurora council members is not most people. At the end of the December 15th 2020 Council meeting Clr. Gilliland asked “When is the state of emergency we have declared over?”. You can watch her performance, which is exactly what it was, at 3:55:47:

When Mayor Mrakas answers her question clearly stating “considering we are in a lockdown I don’t think we’re anywhere close to declaring a s state of emergency over” 21 seconds passes without Clr. Gilliland recognizing the Mayor’s response. The Mayor then has to ask if the Clr. heard what he had to say.


Did Gilliland honestly expect the mayor to give her a date as cases were increasing?

The town’s state of emergency will likely parallel the measures put in place by the two level of governments, and the hope is that both businesses and residents acknowledge and respect the declaration and do their respective parts in reducing the virus spread.

What is even more disturbing is when the Mayor asks Gilliland if she supports the town’s state of emergency she becomes very obtuse. She says she supports the province’s State of Emergency, but does not answer if she supports the state of emergency by the town.

Why not?

Refusing to answer a question regarding the issue you brought to the council table makes it appear that you do not.

In trying to determine how serious Clr Gilliland taes the town’s state of emergency declaration it certainly doesn’t help to read her posts to her her L4G Farts facebook group, including this one from last June:

Wow. Real M.P. material this one is.

Council is back in session tonight. I wonder if Gilliland will continue to question the town’s state of emergency or if she will suspend the lunacy and throw us a frickin bone here.

Watts on your mind?

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