The bylaw of averages

Back on January 28th the Town of Aurora’s Bylaw Department spokesperson was quoted in the paper stating “our enforcement efforts will be focused on non-compliant businesses”.

Because the Town of Aurora has chosen not to communicate the activity of its weekly bylaw enforcement with residents on its own website in an open and transparent manner I am forced to check them via York Region’s website.

Interestingly enough when I do I see that the Town of Aurora’s bylaw department hasn’t charged a business for almost a month. The last local business I can find that was charged was Tina’s Grill somewhere between January 25 to 31.

Before you jump to the conclusion that Aurora businesses are suddenly conducting themselves properly (which past inspections show a strong trend toward the exact opposite) we need to understand if the number of inspections has remained constant.

The report of the week of Feb 8th to 14th, Town of Aurora only conducted a paltry 7 inspections, while our neighbours to the north did 168 in the same timeframe:

At a paltry 7 inspections the Town of Aurora conducted the 2nd least amount of inspections of all 9 York Region municipalities.

If we compare the Town of Aurora’s efforts to itself, back to December 7th – 13th they did 6 time as many so I’m somewhat confused how a total of 7 inspections reflects a “focused” effort.

What is more confusing is that the week of February 1st to 7th Town of Aurora bylaw was charging a residence, just not here in Aurora:

Someone please explain to me what the fuck Town of Aurora Bylaw is doing enforcing bylaws in East Gwillimbury? I didn’t realize Aurora’s 2021 approved budget had set aside tax dollars for subsidizing the Town of East Gwillimbury’s service levels.

If East Gwillimbury is not capable of enforcing its bylaws why is it calling on the Town of Aurora instead of using the services of York Region?

If we go back to the article we read the purposely confusing word salad stating that weekly meetings occur with regional bylaw departments with the purpose “to address emerging issues and coordinate enforcement activities so we are avoiding duplication of efforts and increasing coverage across the Region. We are working proactively with our partners to conduct proactive blitzes and also joint inspections.”

I’m unsure how having Aurora enforce bylaws in East Gwillimbury addresses “avoiding the duplication of efforts” by either municipality.

Is this coordinated by the region itself or did the Town of Aurora bylaw department just suddenly exercise their own discretion to take their show on the road?

We only have to look back to last year when an Aurora mom was fined $880 for standing too long in a park with her baby to recognize that the Town of Aurora bylaw department seems to have issue using its discretion in the application of covid enforceme nt.

With bylaw is conducting inspections of both local and now regional areas Aurora council needs to wake up, acknowledge what is happening under their watch and exercise oversight.

Why is there no weekly public reporting to residents on the Town of Aurora website? Why does the Mayor of Aurora not include mention of these charges in his weekly reports?

Why is there no consistency in the number of weekly inspections Town of Aurora bylaw carries out?

Why is there a visible downward trend in inspections the Town of Aurora bylaw is conducting on local businesses during a period where new covid variants have been detected and neighbouring municipalities have increased efforts?

Why is the Town of Aurora being taken outside of our town to enforce bylaws in another municipality? Have other municipalities reciprocated these services and enforced inspections inside the town of Aurora boarders?

With everything going sideways at other levels of government why does something as simple as local inspections by our town’s bylaw department have to be so downplayed and so convoluted?

Something is not averaging out in this equation.

Watts on your mind?

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