the mayor’s egg hunt, covid-19 edition

In response to covid-19 the mayor’s egg hunt (my vote for best title of a special event in the entire town) has expanded beyond eggs to having Aurorans between the ages of 60 and 64 search out their vaccines.

The boundaries have also expanded outside the town, even the region with Mayor Mrakas advising Aurorans to bunny hop to other regions in search of a vaccine as noted in this CBC article.

It appears however that this advice to hop all over the GTHA to get vaccines distributed for residents of their respective communities was not well received by the Ontario Ministry of Health. Shortly after Mrakas’ tweet they released a statement urging residents to stick to their own regions when booking appointments. This was repeated by several media outlets including CTV News

So how is it the mayor of Aurora could recommend to citizens a course of action that runs counter to the ministry of health?

Did he even bother to check with the Ministry, or the region, or even the town before issung his tweet?

Under a statement of emergency the Mayor acts as the spokesperson for the town, so if this communication was not drafted by town staff where did it come from?

If the mayor drafted it himself did he even vett it with the region or the town before mashing the send button on his phone?

The Mayor also failed to make a follow up statement that clarifies the Ministry of health statement mentioned above.


It’s not as though he lacked opportunity, seeing as he did release a communication about the issue from the Small Minded Urban GTHA Mayors group he belongs to:

16 days later and Mayor Mrakas has not offered a statement of retraction to his original tweet. Instead he simply deleted his tweet, hoping to sweep the whole thing under a rug.

Because failing to take ownership of ones mistakes is clearly best practice when conducting communications under a statement of emergency.

Something Something hashtag #AuroraProud

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