under a green roof

With a dearth of large-scale shovel-ready projects on the horizon the crowning achievement of Mayor La de Dawe’s two terms in office will be the deplorable roll out of the Town of Aurora’s Joint O(o)ps center. From a site selection which resulted in significant soil issues, a public consultation that amassed a headcount of under 10 people. […]

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Anyone for lemonade?

Calling the LED signboard at Yonge & Aurora Heights a lemon is an insult to lemons, but it didn’t stop Clr. Thompson who raised the question as to the constant issues with that piece of equipment at the February 28th council meeting. You can catch the discussion at 3:40:50 We hear from staff that there […]

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Putting others first

Recently Chris Ballard doled out awards recognize the strength, leadership and positive example select women in Newmarket/Aurora It’s no surprise that former 1 term mayor Phyllis Morris made the list given their close political relationship, but it is the way the accomplishment is framed that sticks out, not unlike Ballard in the glaringly obvious photo-op where […]

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blood sugar is thicker than water

On Facebook Town Clr. Kim has opened up a can of carbonated gummy worms in his attempts to firm up his position on whether the Town of Aurora should consider banning sugar from vending machines: Seeing sugary drinks in athletic/recreation centers may indeed seem paradoxical. So what?  Life is full of paradoxes. I pointed one out […]

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