walking back from fantasy

2 years ago Mayor La De Dawe claimed on twitter that walk to school has been “eradicated in ONE generation”. This was fantasy, not fact. The fact is that for over two decades Ontario Active School Travel (formerly Active & Safe Routes to School) has worked with a host of diverse partners and supporters – local, […]

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all that litters is not controlled

Saturday afternoon while hiking off trail through Sheppard’s Bush Wayne Humphries came across the scene in the photo which he submitted to the Aurora Banner along with a brief letter. Because it is behind a paywall I have excerpted Wayne’s concerns here.  He mentions that there are three sites in Sheppards Bush like this that need attention […]

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A Huge Dawesappointment

So polite with his inefficiency, Geoff La de Dawe is the stale personification of Aurora’s status-quo. Widely regarded as a pioneer of the contemporary field of Leadership studies Warren G. Bennis once pointed out that the manager accepts the status quo, the leader challenges it. Two terms as mayor a carefully ambiguous La de Dawe may have tepidly pushed on […]

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Sometimes, promoting economic development means accepting the Herculean task of moving and modernizing a prison.

The metaphor in the title is courtesy of Gary Herbert, 17th and current Governor of Utah. Under 8 years of La de Dawe’s leadership, Aurora has proven itself not up to the task.  It has however succumbed to a status quo that has many parallels to a prison. Let’s explore how the town positions itself […]

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The monarch of all they survey

Back in July I posted about the Town of Aurora’s questionable choice to use stock imagery to engage our youth population. More recently the town decided to roll out a survey (yawn) targeted at skateborders. Because that’s what skateborders love to do, fill out surveys. So on the town’s facebook we see a notice with […]

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Belinda’s Millions

2.5 years ago Aurora’s own Paris Hilton was pimping out a $200/month protein powder as covered in the Financial post. Yesterday the LA Times ran a piece on the 73-page suit filed against Belinda as chairman and president of The Stronach group. The contents of the suit were first reported by the Thoroughbred Daily News.  The Toronto […]

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The Feint of Art

At the Aurora Public Library All Candidates Debate Mayor La de Dawe took great umbrage with those that pointed out the several financial missteps Aurora has endured under his brand of “proven” leadership over the past 8 years. Dismissing facts as fantasy Dawe claimed the town is in great financial shape, and to verify this claim we should […]

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