Jingle Bells, Aurora Smells

If you haven’t lived here long you may have thought that Santa came to town early this week and stuffed everyone’s stockings with rotten Durian fruit. The rest of us are no stranger to the stench that blankets over the entire town year after year. Let’s rewind more than a decade when complaints were made to […]

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no response is a response

Voter engagement in Aurora has fallen and council and staff have the nerve to put on perplexed faces, shrug their collective shoulders and ask why. They need to look no further than themselves. Staff more so than councilors. During an election cycle, candidates are very conscious of responding to citizen requests. After the election that […]

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Unavoid Abel

John made himself known to Aurora. Not just at the council table but in every corner of the community. There was no avoiding John, and the more you got to know him there were exponentially fewer reasons to. I met John back in the fall of 2010 at King Henry’s Arms.  It as also the […]

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a low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls

Thankfully Aurora council rejected the recommendation from the town’s governance ad-hoc committee to implement internet only voting: Back on June 6th the Banner reported on the hybrid system that council decided upon. I supported the argument for enhanced convenience but parted ways with those who touted internet voting as a silver bullet that would increase voter […]

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proven wrong

Dawe was elected both in 2010 and 2014 not on his own merits but because the alternatives were reanimated puke and a rock with a face painted on it. 2018 proved to be a much different race, but Dawe being unable to read the room, threw his dandy hat in the ring believing he was […]

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Sport (of Sorts) Aurora

In his August 12th, 2014 letter to the Aurora Robert Cook pointed out that obviously there is a strong sports lobby in Aurora. I see Sport Aurora as less of a lobby and more of a cult.  Positioned as a Sports Jesus where only through it will Aurora’s delivery of Sports see salvation. Michelle Boyer’s letter this […]

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Crime and Mismanagement

York Region Police presented an eye-opening report to council on March 27th.  You can watch it here, staring at 1:15 Aurora is referred to by YRP as Sector 11, the call priority breakdown is as follows:   The snapshot provided was from January 1st 2017 to January 2017 and 3,000 hours of time was spend responding […]

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