Crystal Fear

This week we learn that Desjardins is providing free drop in programs for residents at Aurora community centres in a $40,000 commitment over 2 years: This crystallizes the fact that Desjardins is not just staying, but investing in our community. Back in September 2014, a month before John Gallo had his ass handed to him […]

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giving you a run for your money

The whole objective of the annual Run for Southlake is to raise money. This year 1,700 turned out, including 16 from Team America Aurora. Collectively Team Aurora raised over $12,000. Yay! Except when you look closer at the team players you notice that half of the team didn’t exactly “get things done”: Yup that’s right […]

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displace speak

Having followed Aurora town politics closely for over a decade councillor Windy Gaertner never disappoints in sticking her foot in her mouth at every opportunity she turns on her mic. But at the April 16th General Committee meeting she wanted to stick her foot in the mouth of Aurora’s rental community. You can watch at […]

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the signs of indifference

The Town of Aurora’s Public meeting regarding Stable Neighbourhoods was 2 weeks ago.  Yet the town is still advertising it via it’s poorly designed lawn signs. Here is a photo of the still bent over P.O.S. at the corner of Hill and Orchard Heights as of today: 2 weeks. I suspect these signs are now […]

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a league of their groan

The Town of Aurora just announced a contest to increase subscriptions to it’s mundane e-newsletter Aurora Mutters: The curious thing here is the prize that was chosen is tickets to see the Toronto Blue Jays. I guess no one on town staff saw a problem with using tax dollars to purchase tickets to a sports […]

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all cam-pain, no gain

They say a fool and his money are soon parted, so seeing as it is April fools it seemed fitting to review the 2018 Municipal election campaign statements to see who the biggest fools in Aurora were last October. Let’s start with School Board Trustee. There really was only one race in 2018; the one […]

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Up in Gunsmoke

I dare you to not read that in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice. It was Jackson who once stated “If you have an opportunity to use your voice you should use it.” The so-called “Voice of Aurora” was given several opportunities yet only used theirs to make empty promise of being “nearly ready to hit the […]

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