premature e-tabulation

In an advanced notice of proposed procurement for Electronic Polls issued back in March, Elections Canada stated that they have no plans to introduce electronic casting or counting of votes due to the fact that there has yet to be an implementation of an EPB solution at the scale required to support Elections Canada’s needs. […]

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pick of the litter

Participating in the annual clean up day this past Saturday left me wondering why the Town of Aurora would turn such an opportunity for waste diversion into one of waste relocation. Upon signing up for a route I was handed a single plastic garbage bag. WTF? If you’re going to all the trouble to organize and […]

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We’ll call you Mike

  According to the curator with the Aurora Hysterical Society: “There is a lot of debate about Vimy amongst historians on whether or not the Battle was significant or if we have over-glorified it. At the time, I don’t think it was seen as this nation-defining moment we see now.” Oh really? Canada’s 8th Prime […]

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under a green roof

With a dearth of large-scale shovel-ready projects on the horizon the crowning achievement of Mayor La de Dawe’s two terms in office will be the deplorable roll out of the Town of Aurora’s Joint O(o)ps center. From a site selection which resulted in significant soil issues, a public consultation that amassed a headcount of under 10 people. […]

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